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Online Dog Training Courses

Effective, durable, and humane dog training methods that have helped thousands of dog owners around the world. Our selection of online dog training courses can help you create an enjoyable companion for your home and family!

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Private Coaching

Do you ever wonder what a dog is thinking? Here's a great opportunity to get in-depth analysis of dog behavior as it is happening, through video. Ask questions, get answers, learn how to assess risk and control behavioral outcomes safely!

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From My Messy Desk

A collection of my most popular posts and opinion pieces from across my social media platforms brought here, under one roof, for the very first time. I will be archiving all my material here for the folks that follow me online.

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Personal Dog Training Coach

Having your own personal dog training coach can help you navigate the facts and avoid the fiction when it comes to reaching your personal dog training goals.

Training isn't assured by wanting our dogs to change. It is assured by helping them change. Understanding how we influence our dogs' behavior is critical, and our personal coaching is here to help.

Get answers to your most pressing questions and create effective, durable change in your dog's behavior!

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Advocacy, education, activism, reality and everything in between. Choose your reason. 

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